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Meet The Wonk Shops Team Captain- Courteney

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If you could be any Superhero who would you be and why?

Wonder Woman hands down, she is like the princess of all mighty women! I believe her 70’s inspired outfit, invisible jet and “lasso of truth” all make her one of the best, most stylish and all around coolest superheroes out there. She can communicate with animals, has super strength, is resistant to magic, and is able to regenerate when injured. In fact, there’s not a lot this woman CAN’T do – except have a bad hair day! ;)

The Wonk Shop grows bigger every single day, with growth comes new opportunities. What do you most look forward to as Team Captain of all things Wonky?

As we grow each day the little things currently matter the most to me. Something as insignificant as a “retweet” or twenty five likes on an Instagram post make my day! As far as the future is concerned, I look forward to being challenged both mentally and physically with Wonk Shop. I enjoy being given new tasks to master! I am eager to learn, and look forward to mentoring others when it’s time. I want to be the person others admire for their hard work, passion and dedication to success.

You and Ashley (CEO of Wonk Shop) both have military backgrounds. How long have you two been friends?

I first met Ashley in 10th grade, we were both new to California at the time. We instantly connected as we’re both high energy, loyal and giving people. Unfortunately less than two years after meeting the military relocated my family yet again. Nevertheless Ashley and I have maintained our friendship for over a decade and sometimes half a world apart. She’s been my rock, and I believe building the Wonk Shop together will only strengthen our friendship. Every day we are challenged with new things to overcome, and each other to rely on. GO TEAM WONK!

What did you do before, and why did you decide to help build the Wonk Shop?

Believe it or not, before the Wonk Shop I was a preschool teacher! I married young and knew I wasn’t ready to have children of my own. But I love the enthusiasm of kids, and being a preschool teacher is a great way to get your daily dose of carefree happiness while still enjoying evenings and weekends.

I flourished in childcare as a  GS supervisor at an overseas duty station. But, after seven years of working with children the challenge just wasn’t there anymore. When given the opportunity to work with Ashley how could I resist?

The opportunity to master the marketing and public relations side of Wonk Shop wakes me up in the morning. The future looks wonderful from here. Or at least full of Wonder Woman jammies and Star Trek slippers.

Tell us about your favorite kind of food.

You don’t want to get me started on food. We’ll be here all day! Haha

If I had to choose my absolute favorite I’d pick an old fashion southern style meal… Ribs cooked in the oven for about four hours, then thrown on the grill for a little extra flavor. Along with a side of spicy corn (extra jalapenos) and sweet mash potatoes (made with sweet condensed milk instead of regular). And of course let’s not forget the glass of rum and coke on the side! ;)

Do you have a message you would like to share with all of the Wonk fans out there?

Sure, I would like to share my meaning of a Wonk to all the Wonky people out here. I believe a wonk is someone who is not only passionate about what they love but is confident in themselves. Be confident in what you love and flaunt it to the world – confidence is sexy! Go deep, go geek baby!