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Wonk Shop’s Community Outreach- Las Vegas, Local Elementary School Super Hero Field Day 2015

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A couple weeks ago, The Wonk Shop Girls were asked to volunteer their time at a local elementary school’s Super Hero themed Field Day event. Ahhh… Yes! Without a single doubt they were there!

Keeping with our monthly commitment to making a difference in our community, The Wonk Shop volunteered to run one of the event booths and spread their Wonky Spirit.

With each grade representing a super hero, the Fourth graders and the Wonk Shop took on Bat Man, which you might recall from an earlier post is Ashley’s personal favorite.

“We were so happy to be invited to host one of the field day events. These events are meant to be more than just fun. They build confidence and encourage teamwork. To rally around the ideals of a super hero is a great way of teaching the kids how to see beyond the super powers and focus on what they stand for and against. Bat Man is all about using your intelligence to overcome difficulties.” –Comment by Ashley our CEO.

So what’s next for the Wonk Shop? Well April is filled with conventions that we can’t wait to tell you all about. Watch out for our next blog and videos from Wondercon in Anaheim, CA. Until then Wonk Out fellow Wonks!!!